Who are the Founders of World Wide Juneteenth

Established in 2017 to celebrate, provide special events like Juneteenth, “Older Americans”, Kwanzaa and Black History Month, We Are One Southeast Chicago is a volunteer senior organization.  Local Elders saw the importance of mutual learning from an intergenerational mentoring program and the We Are One Southeast Chicago began!   

Today the organization has expanded to the greater Chicago, Milwaukee, Midwest and Philadelphia, North Carolina California…and, now We Are One Southeast Chicago has GONE GLOBAL with its first ever World-Wide Juneteenth!

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A Note from Our Director

Today we want to share some exciting news with you. On Saturday, June 19, 2021, We Are One Southeast Chicago will host our Juneteenth Celebration Virtual event at 10am. Juneteenth is important at this time because the same conditions that led us to the Immaculate Emancipation Proclamation persist today. Our communities continue to suffer from lack of healthcare, police brutality, systemic racism, and neighborhood disinvestment.  It is time for our planet/neighborhoods to unite to heal intergenerationally.

You can support this event by becoming a partner, adding your Juneteenth event to our virtual celebration, or just by becoming a member and helping to spread the word.  Of course, there’s nothing that says you can’t do all three. 

With your help this event can reach thousands of individuals all across our State, the Midwest region and globally. The good news is that we have a history of providing much needed support to struggling elders and families.  We are also keenly aware of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our senior citizens. This year, for the first time, we have created new options that will allow you to support Worldwide Juneteenth at a level that is best for your company.

We rely on this event for 60% of our annual revenue. We are One Southeast Chicago offers a wide range of services that promote, advertise and market to senior citizens. Our events, programs and educational information are designed to celebrate our elder’s wisdom, wealth of knowledge and experience. We support business start-ups, co-sharing workspaces, and small home-based ventures. To learn more about the great work that your funds have supported just visit Weareoneelder.com

This is the part where I must ask you to please take the time to make your contribution NOW.  Fill out your check and send it back to our Post Office Box as soon as possible. With your support we can continue planning and have another successful celebration.

All things Juneteenth,

Mrs. Joan Hollingsworth

Executive Director